SF BRIGADIER™ Plant Back Programme – Terms and Conditions

  1. Seed Force Limited (“SF”) are offering the SF BRIGADIER™ Plant Back Programme to provide assistance to SF BRIGADIER™ fodder beet growers who experience less than optimum field establishment due to environmental or paddock conditions outside of their control, as decided by SF in their sole discretion and subject to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. For an approved Plant Back SF will provide full replacement of the affected SF BRIGADIER™ seed at 50% of the growers original seed cost for the grower to replant. This must be transacted through the retailer that sold the seed to the grower.
  3. The programme is open to growers who purchase SF BRIGADIER™ seed from a participating retailer during Spring 2020 (from 1 September 2020 to 30 November 2020) (“Spring”).
  4. The SF BRIGADIER™ Plant Back programme is limited to the original or first purchase for a paddock during Spring and not subsequent replants.
  5. The SF BRIGADIER™ crop must have been sown at the SF recommended sowing rate of 90,000‐100,000 per hectare (each unit contains 100,000 seeds).
  6. The SF BRIGADIER™ seed purchased must have been sown using precision beet seeding equipment and in accordance with recommended SF beet agronomy practices and specifications as set out on the SF website www.seedforce.co.nz.
  7. The grower must have planted the SF BRIGADIER™ seed during Spring, and within eight weeks of the date of planting, the grower must notify the relevant retailer that the SF BRIGADIER™ crop needs to be replanted in accordance with the Plant Back programme.
  8. The affected area must be assessed and confirmed as requiring replanting in accordance with the Plant Back programme and these Terms and Conditions by a representative of SF.
  9. The grower must replant the affected area in SF BRIGADIER™ seed for forage within thirty days of receiving the replacement seed in accordance with this Plant Back programme, unless agreed otherwise with the relevant retailer and SF.
  10. The Plant Back programme will apply to a New Zealand wide maximum area of 1,000 hectares. If in the unlikely event claims in New Zealand during Spring exceed 1,000 hectares, all approved claims will be collated by SF and the claimants will be provided with a proportional amount of replacement seed based on the area of their eligible claim and as a portion of the total claims up to a maximum of New Zealand wide crop loss of 1,000 hectares.
  11. The grower must apply for any Plant Back from the original retailer of the SF BRIGADIER™ seed, and conduct all dealings with such retailer to organise and implement any approved Plant Back. The original terms and conditions of sale between, respectively; SF and the retailer, and the retailer and the grower, remain in place and shall be varied only as set out in these Terms and Conditions to cover the SF Brigadier™ Plant Back programme.
  12. SF shall not be liable for the Plant Back where the seed has been exposed or subjected to any:
    a) handling, alteration, modification, packaging, transportation, storage, operation or use which is improper or otherwise not in accordance with SF’s instructions;
    b) accident, contamination, foreign object damage, abuse, neglect or negligence by the grower or any third party.
  13. SF may, at its sole discretion, decide to award the Plant Back in circumstances that do not fully comply with these terms and conditions. All Plant Back applications and circumstances will be considered by SF on a case by case basis, and the award of a Plant Back in one case will not in any way be deemed to influence or deem the award of a Plant Back in another case.