At the root of all the best seed varieties

Named after the four regions in southern France where the company has its origins: Rouergue, Auvergne, Gévaudan and Tarnais, RAGT is deeply rooted in agricultural tradition.

Run by farmers for farmers, the company continues to embrace its founding principles of innovation, ambition and a spirit of competition to remain ahead of the game.

Delivering the production demanded by New Zealand’s world-leading farm systems requires a significant investment in research, development and real world testing. RAGT invests nearly 18% turnover in research and development with more than 300,000 experimental plots worldwide, 40 breeding programmes across multiple species and 17 research centres.

Through Seed Force, New Zealand farmers are able to gain access to the comprehensive technology advancements from these efforts. It takes years of development to create a new cultivar, but investing the time, effort and resources required helps ensure confidence in a variety once it’s commercialised.

Being smart by leveraging our global strengths in plant breeding , use of new technologies and access to other global markets is a key objective. By utilising the powerhouse of RAGT R2n and its breeder experts, we’ve created a unique global breeding collaboration.

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