SF Voltage

SF Voltage is a marrow-stem, medium height kale with good standing power. SF Voltage should be used where growing young cattle stock, deer, sheep and hoggets are the target end user. Being a medium height kale allows animals access to all parts of the crop unlike giant varieties which should be used for cattle and deer only.

Agronomic features:
  • Medium height kale suitable for all classes of stock
  • High crop utilisation
  • Leafy variety with good levels of protein to help grow out younger stock
  • Excellent disease tolerance
  • Good lodging resistance where snowfalls can be a concern

Feed available

Sown late spring/early summer for late autumn/winter grazing.

Stock suitability

All stock types.

Sowing rate


“Nick has been very good with his advice with pasture preparation, insecticides etc and doing the job right to get a good crop with a good yield.”