SF SUGA™ is a sugar beet variety with very high bulb dry matter. This helps ensure maximum harvestable yield and prolongs its storage ability. Specifically bred for mechanical harvesting, SF SUGA™ can add flexibility to many feeding systems.

The ability to be harvested across a range of seasons allows feed availability during key times.

Agronomic features:
  • The latest in sugar beet technology
  • From one of the world’s leading breeding programmes
  • Very high dry matter type
  • Genetic monogerm hybrid
  • Even crown height/bulb uniformity
  • High utilisation in all systems

Feed available

Substantial yields of high-quality harvestable beets. Harvested SF SUGA™ can be fed in any season.

Stock suitability

All types when lifted and fed.
(can be chipped in some systems).

Sowing rate for harvesting

Precision sowing equipment

Ensure drill row spacing is set to suit the mechanical harvester being used – consult your harvesting contractor for width.

“they’re able to achieve excellent growth rates of 2,300-2,500kg of LWG per hectare with the beef cattle on beet.”