SF Solidar

SF Solidar is a genetic monogerm hybrid type fodder beet. Its yellow-orange cylindrical bulbs are 50%+ above the soil, helping ensure good utilisation.

SF Solidar will suit all stock types for grazing in-situ and/ or self-harvesting and should be used when a genetic monogerm variety is preferred. It offers low – medium dry matter bulbs making it suitable for most grazing systems and environments.

Agronomic features:
  • Genetic monogerm hybrid variety

  • Yellow-orange cylindrical bulbs

  • Versatile variety for grazing or self-harvesting

  • High yield potential with low – medium dry matter

Feed available

Substantial yields of high quality grazable or self-harvestable beets.

Stock suitability

All types whether grazed insitu or self-harvested and fed.

Sowing rate for grazing/ self-harvesting

Precision sowing equipment