SF LIFTA™ is a high production medium-high dry matter harvestable fodder beet. Selected from Seed Force™’s comprehensive fodder beet development programme, it offers excellent in-field performance. SF LIFTA™ offers excellent leaf quality.

Ideal for grazing and/or mechanical harvesting producing significant yields.

Agronomic features:
  • Versatile fodder beet for grazing and/or harvesting
  • Medium-high dry matter type
  • Excellent leaf quality
  • Genetic monogerm hybrid

Feed available

Substantial yields of high quality grazable or harvestable beets.

Stock suitability

Older animals when grazed insitu. All types when lifted and fed.

Sowing rate for in-situ grazing

Precision sowing equipment
seeds per ha.

Sowing rate for harvesting

Precision sowing equipment