SF Hustle is a mid maturity (+ 8 days) diploid perennial ryegrass. It is a new release from Seed Force™’s extensive perennial ryegrass breeding and development programme and was bred with New Zealand’s high performance farms in mind. Combining excellent production with a mid heading date helps ensure its suitability to many systems nationwide.

SF Hustle performs well in a range of environments with exceptional cool season performance. Upright growth habit ensures compatibility with other species in the sward. Sow SF Hustle as the main grass component, or mix it with SF Moxie perennial ryegrass or SF Greenly ll new generation cocksfoot for additional pasture resilience.

Agronomic features:
  • Bred for New Zealand systems

  • Excellent winter productivity

  • Heading date of + 8 days

  • Diploid robustness

  • Upright growth habit

  • Bred with broad disease tolerance

Feed available

Features excellent performance over the key growing seasons.

Stock suitability

All stock types.

Sowing rate

Dependant on mix, use lower rate with SF GREENLY ll cocksfoot.


Diploid (2n)

Endophyte type


Heading date

+ 8 days