SF Gitty

SF Gitty is a newly released genetic monogerm hybrid type fodder beet. Offering the latest in beet breeding advancements, SF Gitty combines the agronomic benefits of high seed quality and plant evenness with the versatility traits of good bulb size and adequate proportion of bulb above ground.

SF Gitty’s high DM% helps ensure impressive yields, while consistent/even bulbs make SF Gitty suitable for a range of grazing and harvesting systems.

Agronomic features:
  • Genetic monogerm hybrid variety

  • Versatile variety for grazing or self / mechanical harvesting

  • Distinctive pink consistent/even bulbs

  • High DM% = high yield potential

Feed available

Substantial yields of high quality grazable or harvestable beets.

Stock suitability

Older animals when grazed insitu, all types when lifted and fed.

Sowing rate for grazing

Precision sowing equipment


seeds per ha.

Sowing rate for harvesting

Precision sowing equipment


seeds per ha.