SF Fuel

SF Fuel is an exciting new kale released from Seed Force™’s brassica experts. Its high yields and visual characteristics make SF Fuel stand out from the rest. It yields like a giant kale, yet has the leaf to stem ratio of a medium type kale. SF Fuel will be a proven winner with cattle and deer farmers alike.

Agronomic features:
  • High yields of quality feed
  • Excellent leaf to stem ratio for an intermediate height kale
  • Stands out from the crowd with its deep dark green colour
  • Good tolerance to brassica diseases
  • Use in situations where quality and yield are paramount
  • Utilise SF Fuel’s benefits where intermediate type kales have been used in the past

Feed available

Sown late spring/early summer for late autumn/winter grazing.

Stock suitability

Deer and Dairy/beef cattle.

Sowing rate


“We’re now rotating ewes and lambs on it from about mid-August. It’s allowed us to take on more stock as well by bringing in those areas that were previously unproductive.”

Paul Brown
Levels Valley / Pleasant Point
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