When you need tough

We’re a New Zealand seed breeding company supplying premium cultivars across Australasia. Our business is helping grow farmers’ productivity and profitability – choosing the right seed is just the beginning. 

Seed Force™ was established in 2006. The founding Seed Force™ team was small, tough, with years of real-world farm experience and insider seed industry connections.

We quickly got to work planting local trials across New Zealand and attracting likeminded people with serious on-farm experience. To make sure a new Kiwi company could be at the forefront of plant breeding and technology, we joined forces with one of Europe’s most respected seed businesses – RAGT.

With the backing of an international seed powerhouse we could focus on drawing on the latest R&D to help farmers get the best results from their pasture. Blazing the way with the reintroduction of fodder beet to New Zealand and at the forefront of resilient pastures, Seed Force™ has changed the game and led the way – taking farmers on the journey.

From humble beginnings to offering premium cultivars across a wide range of species, we are constantly growing, testing, fine-tuning and expanding our range. Every year we are adding new cultivars to a proven system that gives farmers the power to grow.

Our New Zealand base is in Christchurch and our Australian operations are based in Shepparton, Victoria.


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