Garry and Stacey Graham
Grey Valley

“With our high-input system we use this in place of Palm Kernel and grain, it’s high energy.”

For Gary and Stacey Graham, feeding SF Brigadier™ fodder beet to their dairy cows has been an excellent move, resulting in exceptional weight gain in their cows.

The Grahams, who dairy farm in Grey Valley and milk 1,300 cows, are in their third season of feeding fodder beet and Gary plans to feed it 365 days of the year, as well as using it this summer as a replacement for summer turnips.

“We really like SF Brigadier™. It goes really well and the cows seem to really go for it as well,” Gary says.

Grazing fodder beet has extended their lactation period and they use it to put weight on cows during a dry spell.

“We started grazing it about the 15th of February and go through to mid-October. If we still have some for lifting, we’ll hopefully go through to December, so it nearly does us for the whole season.

“We’ve had incredible weight gains coming out of winter. We’re running a reasonably high-input system and in our current economic climate we have to look at the cheapest way of bringing in our inputs. Growing our own is by far the cheapest option,” Gary says.

“With our high-input system we use this in place of palm kernel and grain, it’s high energy.”

Gary says they have received very good support from their local Seed Force™ rep, Nick Appelman. “We’re extremely happy with the product and the service.”

Two years ago the Grahams had never used beet and had no idea how to go about it. They started by putting in 10ha, followed by 29ha the next season, and this year they have 110ha in fodder beet.

“I’m extremely confident in the ability to grow it and get high yields, and the cost effectiveness of it. The results from the weight in cows and their production show it’s a great system.”

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