Dave and Sue King

“We are getting as good a yields off SF Envy as anything else.”

Coming into a new area five years ago, dairy farmer Dave King re-grassed his entire farm and was looking for reliable advice about what would be suitable.

He found that knowledge in Seed Force™ territory manager Nick Appelman.

“We have worked with Nick extensively and got to know him quite well…Nick is very good and we get very good service.”

“We have re-grassed the whole farm over five years and we were new to the area, so I needed to have somebody with good knowledge of what would be suitable to give advice.”

Dave and his wife Sue own Longford Farm in Murchison and have just employed contract milkers this season, milking 420 cows.

Being in a dry land situation, Dave is looking for a persistent species, tolerant of the dry.

He has a number of Seed Force™ varieties on his farm, including the SF Envy turnip as part of his summer feed regime. Dave says they have grown a number of other varieties of turnips and he always calibrates the crops before feeding them to the cows. “We are getting as good a yields off SF Envy as anything else.”

The SF Envy turnip and SF Punter™ chicory are used as straight summer crops.

The Kings are now also putting SF Greenly new generation cocksfoot into their SF Stellar™ perennial ryegrass mixes as Dave can see the benefits if it turns summer dry, in providing green feed for the summer. “It’s a lot more persistent in the dry and we suffer quite badly from the dry, so any green feed we can grow is a bonus.”

“With the paddocks of straight fescue and cocksfoot it’s really going to be this summer that we will get a good indication of how beneficial they’ll be for us. But knowing they’re designed for a dry climate gave us the confidence to put them in the mixes.”

He is looking for species that will perform year round. “We’re looking for total yield, but also feed quality and being able to manage them is quite important. What suits us is a species with a later flowering date that will stay vegetative for longer – it’s easier to manage and keep the quality then. A lot of our pastures we can’t mow, so we need to manage them through grazing.”

“Important for us was monitoring crops for pests and help with weeds. Nick has that passion and we are very happy with the service we have had and the results we’ve
had from their pasture species and turnips.”

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