Andrew and Trish Dalton


For dairy farmer Andrew Dalton, the service he gets from his Seed Force™ rep, Ben Leong, is as valuable as the product itself.

Andrew and his wife Trish are 50/50 sharemilkers at Orini, milking 400 cows on the 145 hectare property.

The Daltons have a range of Seed Force™ products on the farm and Andrew says Ben is an integral part of their business.

The main product on the property is SF Indulgence™ Italian ryegrass, which has been used extensively.

“When we first arrived the pastures were fairly dilapidated and Indulgence has been used as a stop gap until we renew our permanent pasture. It’s been excellent – the best value for money, I think, of any Italian ryegrass,” Andrew says.

They also put 20ha of Punter chicory in each year as a summer crop. “It’s brilliant and as good as any chicory I have ever planted.”

The Daltons have also used SF Greenly II new generation cocksfoot mixed with SF Quest white clover as an experimental alternative pasture and have been impressed with the results. “It has a bit of a weed issue over its establishment but you just spray it and once it gets past the weeds, it’s fantastic.”

Finally, they have SF Stellar™ perennial ryegrass mixed with SF Quest white clover. Andrew says he has gone with AR1 for animal health reasons, specifically that it is safe for ryegrass staggers.

“Ben has always steered me in the right direction. If I have any issue he always comes out to have a look and give me some advice. He’s a good person to bounce ideas off and his product and pasture knowledge is really good. He really comes into his own when it comes to crops.

“I put as much value on Ben as I do on the product. Ben’s the only seed rep I have encountered in my 30 years in the industry who comes back and follows up.

“I have been with him for a long time. He’s one of those people, I can’t speak highly enough of him,” Andrew says.

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