SF Force 7 - Lucerne


SF Force 7


SF Force 7 lucerne was developed for grazing under set stocking by selecting plants that excelled and persisted under two years of set stocking. It is an ideal option where producers have a high proportion of winter dormant varieties or areas where a semi-dormant variety is suitable.

Agronomic Features:

  • Grazing tolerance - persistent stand life
  • Winter activity rating of 7 (semi-dormant)
  • High production and quality
  • Suitable for grazing and/or cutting systems
  • Good pest and disease tolerance

Stock Suitability

All types

Sowing Rate

8 - 12 kg/ha of freshly inoculated seed. Up to 6 kg/ha in mixes.

Feed available

On the international lucerne dormancy scale of 1-10 (1 = highly winter dormant, 10 = highly winter active) SF Force 7 is a 7. SF Force 7 produces large amounts of high quality feed, through spring, summer and autumn.