SF SUGA™ - Fodder and Sugar Beets

Fodder and Sugar Beets


very high DM% sugar beet.

SF SUGA™ is a new sugar beet variety with very high bulb dry matter of 23-26%. This helps ensure maximum harvestable yield and prolongs its storage ability. SF SUGA™ offers very good tolerance to the main beet diseases.

Agronomic Features:

  • The latest in sugar beet technology
  • From one of the world's leading breeding programmes
  • Very high dry matter type 23 - 26%
  • Tolerant to many diseases
  • Genetic monogerm hybrid

Stock Suitability

All types when lifted and fed.

Feed available

Substantial yields of high quality grazable or harvestable beets. Harvested SF SUGA™ can be fed in any season.

Sowing Rate

Precision sowing equipment 100,000 - 120,000 seeds per ha. Ensure drill row spacing is set to suit the mechanical harvester being used - consult your harvesting contractor for width.