SF Fuel - Brassicas


SF Fuel

intermediate kale

SF Fuel is an exciting new kale released from Seed Force’s brassica experts. Its high yields and visual characteristics make SF Fuel stand out from the rest.

It yields like a giant kale, yet has the leaf to stem ratio of a medium type kale. SF Fuel will be a proven winner with cattle and deer farmers alike.

Agronomic Features:

  • High yields of quality feed
  • Excellent leaf to stem ratio for an intermediate height kale
  • Stands out from the crowd with its deep dark green colour
  • Fantastic tolerance to brassica diseases
  • Use in situations where quality and yield are paramount
  • Utilise SF Fuel's benefits where intermediate type kales have been used in the past

Stock Suitability

Deer and Dairy/beef cattle

Sowing Rate

4 - 5 kg/ha.

Feed available

Sown late spring/early summer for late autumn/winter grazing.