SF Pacer - Brassicas


SF Pacer

leafy turnip

SF Pacer is suited to medium-high fertility soils with summer moisture or irrigation, providing multiple grazings to meet summer and early-autumn feed requirements.

SF Pacer's low bolting characteristics optimise farmers‘ ability to manage the crop, and highlights it as being the premier leafy turnip on the market.

Agronomic Features:

  • Fast seedling establishment to suppress weeds
  • New breeding with enhanced non-bolting characteristics
  • Quick recovery, offering multiple grazings
  • No ripening period, allowing early access for animals onto the crop

Stock Suitability

Sheep and deer, but also suitable for other stock types.

Sowing Rate

3 - 5 kg/ha.

Seasonal Growth

Versatile option that can be spring sown for multiple grazings of quality summer feed.