SF Rosabrook - Clovers


SF Rosabrook

subterranean clover

SF Rosabrook is an ideal replacement for any RLEM susceptible variety. Include SF Rosabrook in any dryland pasture mix and it is an ideal companion for SF Greenly II new generation cocksfoot.

Agronomic Features:

  • Red Legged Earth Mite (RLEM) tolerance
  • Late flowering = ideally suited to New Zealand
  • High yielding
  • For dryland permanent pasture
  • Ideal companion for SF Greenly II new generation cocksfoot

Stock Suitability

All stock types

Sowing Rate

10kg/ha or 5kg/ha + 5kg/ha SF Narrikup in perennial pasture mixes.

Feed available

Option for summer dry regions, mid-maturity offering spring to midsummer performance. Graze until flowering then reduce stocking rate to promote seed set.