SF Greenly II - Permanent Grasses

Permanent Grasses

SF Greenly II

New generation cocksfoot

SF Greenly ll cocksfoot is a robust fine leaved and upright cocksfoot that produces well in a range of environments.

It's soft leaves have less tendency to clump than traditional varieties. SF Greenly ll can provide substantial yields of quality forage in harder environments when other pasture species tend to struggle. New breeding helps ensure palatability and productivity.

  • Proven over thousands of hectares
  • New breeding = soft leaved variety
  • Upright growth compatible with legumes
  • Bred for quick establishment
  • Performance in dry conditions
  • Ideally planted with SF Rosabrook/SF Narrikup sub clovers

Stock Suitability

All types, especially sheep, can be set stocked.

Feed available

Option for summer dry regions, performs over warmer months.

Sowing Rate

6 - 10 kg/ha as main grass component of mix with compatible legumes such as subterranean clover or lucerne. 2-5kg/ha as secondary grass component of permanent mix.