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SF Stellar pastures performing across the North

SF Stellar pastures performing across the North

Resilient pastures that can handle a range of climatic conditions are key for farmers nationwide. Not all perennial ryegrasses are the same, they vary in their breeding and characteristics. SF Stellar from Seed Force is very densely tillered and robust, helping with pasture persistence while still being palatable and highly productive.

Farmlands shareholders from across the north are getting great results with their SF Stellar pastures.

Gilbert De Groot and his wife Carol milk 450 cows as well as running about 100 yearling and heifer replacements on their Paparoa dairy farm.

They first trialled Stellar about three years ago, planting it in four different paddocks along with a number of other products. “I have found Stellar has been the one that’s beaten everything hand over fist,” Gilbert says.

“To me, Stellar takes a bit longer to disappear in the summer, it hangs on a lot longer in the dry. Then when we get our first rain, it’s the first one to get up and start boogying again.

“The cows love it too and do well on it. They eat it well and don’t leave a lot.”

This year the De Groots have put in 30ha of Stellar and are not using any other grasses. They plan to convert half of the farm to Stellar because of the results they have had.

For Katikati dairy farmer Gabrielle Syminton, Seed Force Stellar has been a star performer in a challenging environment. The dairy farm, which milks 300 cows, is flat to hilly and windy, making it prone to drying out.

“It does depend on how the paddocks are grazed and managed but I just think that, for this farm and the environment, it has served us well,” Gabrielle says.

“We’ve found Stellar is a very good producer in that we seem to be getting into it around 17-19 days after grazing during spring to early summer and mid to late autumn. It would be pushed out a few more days during summer to early autumn, depending on rainfall. I have been very impressed with it and the cows seem to like it better (than other pastures).”

She says Stellar comes out quickly and, importantly, stays.

“Stellar seems to do better, is more palatable and produces better when it’s a bit shorter. We watch it quite carefully but it seems to grow a lot faster and is ready to be grazed in that shorter timeframe…the quality is there and you can’t deny it really.

“We’ve just refurbished two paddocks, one in Italian ryegrass and one in Stellar, and we put some calves on them to nip it down – they certainly like the Stellar better, it seems to be more palatable."

For more information on how SF Stellar can fit into your system contact your local Seed Force representative.