About Seedforce New Zealand



The Power To Grow

Seed Force was formed early in 2006 and has a dominant local Australasian shareholder base of key seed industry personnel with a significant track record over many years in the seed industry. Backed by the internationally recognised RAGT Semences through its Dutch subsidiary Joordens Zaden BV, Seed Force is operating within the domestic seed markets of both New Zealand and Australia.

RAGT is the only multi-species seed company in Europe with an intensive research effort which spans 24 different species and some 200 proprietary cultivars.

The company's research arm R2n, has 190 breeders and technicians operating from 14 research stations across the broad temperate zones. Its annual investment in R & D is in excess of 12% of turnover. Seed Force is an integral part of this involvement in improving the competitiveness of livestock producers and leverages off this strong research investment.

In New Zealand the company has its commercial headquarters in Christchurch, and in Australia at Shepparton, Victoria where there are mixing, distribution and dispatch capabilities with representatives throughout the sales regions.

The R & D operations are based at multiple sites throughout Australasia where forages from Seed Force's partners are continuously being evaluated on commercial farms under grazing. Farmers are able to utilise the comprehensive current and future technologies from this effort.

100% Researched

The term '100% Researched' is used by Seed Force to describe the important role that research and development plays in the company. It is a guarantee that all Seed Force Products are thoroughly researched prior to release into the market.

Product Development and Evaluation

The primary objective of the Seed Force Product Development and Evaluation programme is to test products on-farm and in a wide range of climates and environments, using management inputs and grazing practices typical of the region.

The Seed Force Product Development and Evaluation programme is very comprehensive and spans the length of the country, from Southland to Northland. This involves trialing products where they are most often used; using the management practices of those environments, but also includes testing novel and innovative products in previously untested areas.

Our Values

Seed Force is dedicated to the positive growth of agriculture and the stakeholders associated with it.

Seed Force is committed to developing and introducing genetic innovations that enable farmers to achieve sustainable production and profitability.

Seed Force commits to the integrity of the information of its products.

Seed Force is committed to maintaining ethical and fair relationships and interactions with customers, suppliers and staff.

Seed Force operates robust, efficient, future proofed business systems that ensure its clients needs are effectively serviced.